Mai Chaya (chayamai)

Born in Aichi, Japan in 1982 and now lives in Tokyo.
She graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
While she was working at a publishing company, she got involved with some independence movies.
After she left the business, she started video product such as making of shooting films and live films.
From 2009, the way of her main expression is changed to a photograph.
While she was taking photos of artists and CD jackets in Japan,
her international participation, such as online photoproject and photobook, etc, was performe d.
In 2010, her photo was taken up on the South Korean fashion magazine "NYLON KOREA."

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茶谷 真以 (ちゃや まい)

1982年生まれ 愛知県出身 、東京在住
海外のonline photoprojectやphotobookへの参加など幅広く活動する。
2010年には韓国のファッション雑誌『NYLON KOREA』にも写真が取り上げられた。
第10回 写真1_WALL ファイナリスト